Dear Miss Angelina Jolie,

I hope that you feel better now after all your bad moments ?

“As some presidents have the red button to kill the planet, the animals, and humans, on the contrary we still have the blue or green button to save the planet, the animals, humans ! We must have the courage to press this button” : Gil Emmanuel (Nice, France 2017 Feb).

You can check the site of OMPE :

As I told before, I am Gil, born and living in Nice, 50 years old, father of 3 children born in Nice too. I am French with Italian origins. I am a former IBM software engineer and currently songwriter and businessman in Nice (France), and I have a very high IQ (150) and QE and I intend to devote the rest of my life to protection of the global environment. I speak French, English, German and Italian. I have a lot of environmental knowledges in an area that fascinates me since very young, I have the chance to understand all the environmental issues quite easily.

I am a very very kind hearted person. A lot of people around me, as my psycho doctor, told me to make some efforts to become more hypocrit, to lie more, and to become more egoist ! I’ve tried it during 2 months but it’s just impossible for me. I cannot lie, I cannot think about myself only, I cannot tell things except the truth. So, of course, I decided to stop this crazy excercice and I decide to become more more kind than before. Now, I am the same then the small kind child Gil but 10 kinder more ! It’s gorgous, no ?

For example, now in my work, when I meet some clients who are professional liers, they naturally run away when they hear me talking. I have nothing to do, it’s very amazing. It’s the same principle than oil and water !

Yet the environment is the main area where the world must focus however world is interested primarily to savings, social, money. This is the environment which need to be treated as a priority, the world has made for years a serious mistake that could make humanity disappear, simply, I am unfortunately convinced about this.

I need a person as well known as you to help me ! You’re one of the rare persons in this crazy world who is able to undestand what I mean. I must convince you to help my ideas and to make my actions come true ! It’s very important that we meet or talk together about this ?

The OMPE is the biggest project of the 2000s and perhaps the largest project on the scale of man kind ever created. But this is not very important anyway, it must be done!

The whole OMPE project is already imagined in my head, it remains only to realize. Can we achieve it together ?

Unlike all those who criticize and do nothing, the OMPE will act without criticism. The damage is done, anyway. This is the big difference from the other associations, foundations or NGOs. Here are the main creations for 2017 to be made by the OMPE:

1) For air: air pollution kills 3.3 million people per year (study of the Max Planck Institute Germany in July 2016), more than HIV and malaria → OMPE will create immediately CO2 absorbers and APPC: Atmospheric Purifiers and Particles Cleaners for the end of 2017. in addition, this will slow down global warming immediately.

2) For animals: My major goal for 2017 is to protect endangered species (elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, gorillas, bears, etc …). It is urgent, it is a global carnage! Immediate action BRESP: Breeding and Reintroduction for Endangered Species Program and SRNP : Super Reinforced Natural Parks with drones.

3) Water: Creating S2W : Solar Well for Water for people and animals from all around the world. Creating a WWPT: World Water Pollution Tax for any business or individual donors or polluting water order.

4) For plastics in the oceans: Creating FBPS : Floating Barges for Plastics Suctions and micro-plastics, with preservation system Wildlife, Krill, Plankton, plants, animals.

I intended to make a world of inventions contest for the environment, but the time to put everything in place to convince journalists, media everything possible not to mention the companies that will try to fight for patents, etc …: it is impossible!

Can you please give me an appointment to meet together in a maximum discretion way ?

PS: Today, I’m going to walk around the Cap of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat with my son Sebastien, this is our small family men day lol !

Thanking you in advance cordially

Gil Emmanuel (Nice, France) , / 0033614913032


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