Dear Mr Bezos, I am Gil EMMANUEL, French and President of the OMPE (World Organization for the Protection of the Environment)
The headquarters of the OMPE is based on the French Riviera close to Nice. We are taking actions around the world, where the environment and animal welfare are at risk.
Faced with the withdrawal, announced by D.TRUMP, from the United States of the Paris agreements on global warming and more broadly the environment, the OMPE is more than ever mobilized.
When states are falling, NGOs must rise to the challenge. So we have big plans for the years to come, but we do not have the financial means of the states.
We are looking for financial assistance to fill the US climate gap and deal with the issues arising from such a decision.
Our projects are 5:
1 / Air pollution
2 / Plastic Oceans
3 / Renewable Energies
4 / The production of drinking water on the African continent, to water people and animals, thanks to renewable energies
5 / The Reinforced Security Reserves, coupled with an Endangered Species Collection.
We will detail the 5 points.

I would specially love from deepest of my heart to build with you the first World Species DNAs Library, to create Natural Air Coolers, to create my Extremly Fast Forest  Fire Suppression System  ! These huge projects need huge founds, as you have, and huge ideas as I have too.

More than financial aid, we are looking for a real partner who can value these actions in communication (films, TV reports, WEB, print media, Social Networks …). We will organize visits to the sites of our major projects, with the members of your organization and we will organize conferences of high international levels, with heads of states and emblematic personalities for the protection of the environment and animal protection .
We want to be your arm of intervention on the ground and demonstrate by actions that a transcontinental partnership is not only not to be feared but is the solution to the future organization of the new composition of the World. That this World must take full account of the impact of human activity on the impoverishment of the Earth’s resources and the terrible scenario that is emerging.
We are an NGO of action and reflection, today we need a financial partner who anticipates the future as we do. We believe in the reconciliation of finance with the environment and we want your people to begin this journey. It is a long path, made of struggles and battles, but also rewarding, made of hope in the eyes of children and heritage saved!

Only we go fast! Together we go further!
Let us take the steps of those who will guide mankind towards its renunciation with Nature!

please, coud you be able to contact me quickly. Nature doesn’t wait !

Thanking you in advance cordially

Gil Emmanuel (Nice, France) , / 0033614913032

Skype id : gilemmanuel

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