Love is so hard to find

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You’ll break my heart

You’ll break my soul

I’ll never want to lose control

But I just want to understand

What you mean, what you plan

And if you try a second time

I’ll never want to lose my mind

I don’t want to play this role

What it means, what’s for


I love you then

I love your eyes

I love you girl

Love is so hard to find

I can’t forget

The time we met

I’ve lost my mind

Love is so hard to find


I’ll spend my time staying alone

I’ll never want to be your clown

I ask myself and wonder why

I’ll promise that I won’t cry

And if you’ll come a little closer

I’ll become so much stronger

And if you give me just one chance

I will tell you my romance


Copyright et paroles et musique : Gil Emmanuel 

Gil Emmanuel est membre de la SACEM.

Toute copie est strictement interdite. All rights reserved.