Put yourself in their place

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I, I never understand

The end human background is not so bad

But look a little all the evil we do

We destroy everything around us

Our friends the animals, no one cares

What’s the point of being so smart


But put yourself in their place

These animals that we slaughter

We destroy their families

And we kill their children

But put yourself in their place

All these beasts that we hunt

We are taking their furs

Just for money


I, I never understand

Our way of living and thinking

Having only enemies or allies

We crushed all around us

But who are the beasts, where are the fools?

Who will dare come to enlighten us?


All these martyred monkeys

All these poisened bees and insects

These massacred tigers and lions

All these dismembered sharks

These disfigured and killed rhinos

All those elephants killed

Is their defenses ?

It is of the essence?

Is it beautiful red waves?

where no fish moving?

Does that’s the destiny of man

since he was born?

Must he destroy everything and break everything ?

All that Nature has built over millions of years

Day after day, night after night, second by second

But what do we do ?


Copyright, lyrics and music: Gil Emmanuel

Gil Emmanuel is a member of SACEM (France).

Any copying is prohibited. All rights reserved.

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Song for the animals